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Product Information

Triple-single Recloser - FAULT CLEAR®


Triple-single Recloser - FAULT CLEAR®


Construction and Components



Type VBN20-A3-Y
Rated voltage 27kV
Rated current 800A (continuous); 960A (8hrs @ 20°C)
Rated frequency 60Hz
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 60kV
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage 150kV
Rated short time withstand current 16kA r.m.s. - 3 sec.
Rated short-circuit breaking current 16kA r.m.s.
Rated short-circuit making current 41.6kA peak
Operation mechanism Auto open & close; manual open & lockout
Insulation medium Solid dielectric
Arc extinction medium Vacuum
Current sensor Ratio 1,000:1; build in solid dielectric
Voltage sensor Ratio 10,000:1; built in sold dielectric; 3 on source & 3 on load sides
Standard IEEE C37.60/IEC 62271-111: 2012 Ed. 2.0
Pollution level Very heavy (IEC 815: Class IV)
Creepage distance 1,110 mm
Bushing materials Silicone and HCEP
Duty cycle 116 operations
Mechanical endurance 10,000 operations

Contact in the U.S.A.

Company name Sun-wa Technos America, Inc.
Address 1051 Perimeter Drive, Suite 625 Schaumburg, IL 60173
TEL 847-969-0081
FAX 847-969-0083