❚ SF6 gas insulated manual 24kV BYPASS SWITCH ❚

BYPASS SWITCH is equipped for minimizing the planned outage area caused by the maintenance construction work on the nominal circuit voltage of AC24kV.

Rated voltage [kV]24
Rated current [A]200
Rated frequency [Hz]50
Rated load breaking current [A]200
Rated short-time withstand current [kA]12.5
*tested with 60mm2 cables
Rated short-circuit making current [kA peak]31.5kA
Manual operation force [N]100 to 200
Total weight [kg]64
Dielectric characteristics
Power frequency withstand voltagePhase-to-earth [kV]50
Between phases [kV] 50
Across the isolating distance [kV]55
Lightning impulse withstand voltagePhase-to-earth [kV]125
Between phases [kV] 125
Across the isolating distance [kV]140

❚ Easy to Handle

The pole mounting of the BYPASS SWITCH is completed in simple steps:

1. Wrap the chain around the pole to fix the mounting bracket.
2. Lift the BYPASS SWITCH up to the install position and hook on the bracket.

BYPASS SWITCH can be installed on any types of poles (round or square). Also, our BYPASS SWITCH is very lightweight and easy to carry.


❚ Our BYPASS SYSTEM is consist of One-touch connection

BYPASS SYSTEM uses special equipment and cables with one-touch connections which allow easy connection and disconnection. Because of its usage and purpose, BYPASS SWITCH bushings, Bypass Cable connectors, and Joint connectors are suitable for the repeated connection and disconnection, and Bypass Cables does not need any cable termination.

❚ Reliable Phase Checking Feature

BYPASS SWITCH has the feature of phase checking. Phase Checking Device at the bottom of BYPASS SWITCH emits sounds and signals (LED) to show the status of cable connection of each phase whether they are connected correctly, open phase or out-of-phase. By using this feature, you can check not only the cables are connected correctly but also applied voltage to the cables and preventing short-circuit fault before closing the switch.

❚ Contact ❚

Contact in Japan (Head Office)
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Address1-1 Ohtakara-Kitamachi
Saga 840-0802, Japan