Triple-Single Auto Recloser

FAULT CLEAR® consists of three independent solid dielectric insulators
(Embedded vacuum interrupter(VI)) that enable operation by phase.
The equipment is for MV overhead distribution line.

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❚ Working directly with SEL controller

FAULT CLEAR® works directly with “SEL-651R" and 32-pin control cable for three-phase/triple-single application and "SEL-351RS® "controller with 10-pin control cable for single-phase application.

* SEL-351RS® is a registered trademark of the Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.(SEL)

FAULT CLEAR® can be operated by either three modes depending on controller settings:

  1) Single-phase trip / single-phase lockout

- Each phase shall trip and lockout independently.

  2) Single-phase trip / three-phase lockout

- If one phase trip, the other two phases shall also trip to lockout to prevent single-phasing.

  3) Three-phase trip / three-phase lockout

- All phases trip and close simultaneously.

❚ Pole-ready design

FAULT CLEAR® is “pole-ready” design for easy installation at the site, which is included lightning arresters, NEMA pads, PTs for the controller.

❚ Long-term reliability

FAULT CLEAR® is designed to have a long service life by selecting reliable materials and parts. Bushings are made of Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic Epoxy (HCEP) with silicon sheds for high UV environments.

Rated voltage [kV]27
Rated frequency [Hz]60
Rated current [A]800
Overload current (8hours) [A]960
BIL(Basic Impulse Level) [kV]150
Rated power frequency withstand voltage [kV]60(Dry), 50(Wet)
Mechanical endurance [operations]10,000
Rated interrupting current [kA]16
Rated short-circuit making current [kApeak]41.6
Duty cycle [operations]116
Max. closing time [msec]48
Max. opening time [msec]24
Creepage distance [inches(mm)]43.7 (1,110)
Pollution levelVery heavy
(IEC815 : Class Ⅳ)
Ambient temperature [℉(℃)]-40 to +140
(-40 to +60)
Total weight (Recloser+bracket) [lbs (kg)]518 (235)

❚ Options ❚

・2- or 4-hole NEMA pad or clamp type connector

・Animal/bird guard [UL96 V-0]

・Power transformer for controller

・Lightning arrester

・Recloser bracket [Center-pole][Alley-arm]

❚ Bronze Alloy Terminal Connector ❚

Bronze Alloy Terminal Connector

❚ FAULT CLEAR® for a solar farm ❚

FAULT CLEAR for a solar farm

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