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Corporate Profile


1925 Established Togami Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. on March 12 as a manufacturer of automated
switches for power distribution system
Opened Nagoya Satellite Office (current Chubu Office)
1926 Opened Tokyo Satellite Office (current Tokyo Office)
1930 Opened Osaka Satellite Office (current Kansai Office)
1934 Opened Hiroshima Satellite Office (current Chugoku Office)
1949 Opened Fukuoka Satellite Office (current Kyushu Office)
1952 Opened Sapporo Sales Office (current Hokkaido Office)
Established Saga Coating LLC. (current Togami Metalix Co., Ltd.)
Established Togami Electrical Services LLC. (current Togami Denso Co., Ltd.)
Established Kyushu Seikan LLC. (current Togami Metalix Co., Ltd.)
1954 Established Kyushu Kasei Co., Ltd. (current Togami Kasei Co., Ltd.)
1957 Established satellite offices in Toyama and Shizuoka (Toyama currently Hokuriku Office,
Shizuoka consolidated into Chubu office)
Opened Nagoya Plant
1960 Opened Sendai Sales Office (current Tohoku Office)
1961 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section, visited by the Emperor and Empress
1963 Opened Takamatsu Satellite Office (current Shikoku Office)
1967 Appointed Hajime Togami as the second president
1968 Opened Nagaoka Satellite Office (currently consolidated into Hokuriku Office)
1977 Established Ōtakara Electrical Industries Co., Ltd. (current Togami Control Co., Ltd.)
Established Tokyo Togami Electric Co., Ltd.
1987 Completed construction of automatic load break switch plant and new Nagoya corporate
office, issued convertible bonds
1988 Changed name of affiliates
Established Togami Electrical Soft Corporation
1993 Appointed Shinichi Togami as the third president
1995 70th anniversary, certified ISO9001
1997 Established Kagoshima Sales Office (currently consolidated into Kyushu Office)
2000 Completed construction of electronic controller plant, certified ISO14001
2004 Affiliate Togami Control Co., Ltd. established Togami Electronics (Changshu) Co., Ltd.
2005 80th Anniversary, established Shanghai office
2006 Established Togami Electric (Suzhou) Mfg. Co., Ltd. Joint venture with Daihen Corporation
to establish DAIHEN OTC (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
2007 Closed Shanghai office, established Togami Mechanical & Electrical Trading (Shanghai)
Co., Ltd.
2014 Liquidated Togami Mechanical & Electrical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and transferred
sales function to Togami Electrical (Suzhou) Mfg. Co., Ltd.
2015 90th anniversary, established local office in Thailand
Switched to status as corporation with an appointed audit committee.