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Corporate Profile

Corporate Philosophy

Make the society, the Earth,
and the future affluent!

Management Philosophy

The Togami Electric Group applies the tradition we have established as a diversified manufacturer of power distribution and control equipment towards the new responsibilities we bear as we continue to develop with society. Our goal is to contribute to people's pleasant lifestyles and environmental conservation.

Charter of Corporate Behavior

The Togami Electric Group embraces our corporate philosophy of "make the society, the Earth, and the Future affluent" and acknowledges that the corporations are the members of society. To continue to exist as an effective member of society, we adhere to the following 10 principles to ensure as well as continuously working to improve our management efficiency by ensuring that we respect human rights and comply with relevant laws and international rules and their spirit and intent whether in Japan or overseas. Through these principles, we voluntarily act for the creation of a sustainable society with common sense.

  1. We ensure customer satisfaction and earn customer trust by developing and providing the products and services that benefit society while giving due consideration to ensuring safety, quality, and the protection of personal and customer information.
  2. We comply with laws and conduct the corporate activities that conform to a social norms and are based on fair, transparent, and free competitions and appropriate transactions. We maintain healthy and normal relationships with political and administrative entities.
  3. We communicate with both shareholders and the society widely and proactively and justly disclose corporate information. Considering with credibility and fairness of financial statement, we timely and appropriately disclose the statement prepared in accordance with the accounting standards generally accepted as fair and appropriate.
  4. We respect the diversity, character, and individuality of each employee, provide a safe and pleasant work environment, and help to achieve comfort and affluence of employees.
  5. We approach environmental problems as vital issues that all of humanity face, for which we act voluntarily and proactively across all aspects of business activities.
  6. We proactively conduct social contribution activities as a "good corporate citizen."
  7. We act against antisocial forces and organizations that threaten order and safety of society.
  8. We conduct international business activities in compliance with international rules and local laws while respecting local culture and customs, and contributing to the development of the local society.
  9. Top management must be aware of their role in achieving the spirit of this Charter and lead by example. In addition to promote awareness of this Charter among affiliated companies and business partners, the top management must develop an effective internal system that works to reinforce corporate ethics.
  10. In the event of an incident that violates this Charter, top management must take responsibility for problem resolution, investigate the cause of the problem, and work to prevent recurrence while also fulfilling its duty to the society for rapid and accurate information disclosure. Top management must also clarify the authority and responsibilities and establish a strict action that applies to all employees including top management itself.